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At Gracious Smiles Aesthetic General Dentistry, our mission is simple: giving people hope through beautiful smiles. We know better than anyone that your smile is so much more than skin deep. Not only is it essential to eat a healthy diet and communicate effectively, but it’s also a key player in the health of the rest of your body—not to mention your primary source of confidence and self-esteem. It’s the way we share joy with the world, and if yours is unhealthy or imperfect, you can’t live up to your full potential. That’s why we do what we do. We’re here to help you see how truly amazing you were created to be with custom-tailored solutions using the most advanced technology.

Take a proactive approach to dental health!

Preventive General Dentistry for
Total Health & Wellness

You and your family deserve quality dental care that focuses on the prevention of disease and decay through education and routine exams and cleanings. We believe knowledge is power, so we arm our patients with information and tactics to live their healthiest lives with their healthiest smiles.

Twice-yearly visits with Dr. Davis and our hygiene team, as well as home care and any necessary treatments, are vital to keeping a healthy smile. We’ll make note of any changes or abnormalities we observe so we can address any small problems before they progress.

Pediatric Dentistry for Healthy Growing Smiles

At Gracious Smiles, we absolutely love welcoming kids to our dental family. Teaching them healthy habits in these early formative years is essential for forming lifelong behaviors. Bringing them to the dentist early also ensures they get comfortable with us and have positive feelings about oral health and dental care.

We welcome your babes to come see us around their first birthday (usually around the time their first tooth emerges). Our team is gentle and friendly to make for fun and rewarding dental experiences that are anything but scary.

Restorative Dentistry
to Bring Your Smile Back

In a perfect world, there would be no disease and decay, and accidents would never happen. But we all know that’s not the case, so we’re grateful for advancements in dental techniques, materials, and technology that allow us to repair and replace teeth more easily and with better results than ever before.

Our restorations are custom-crafted from durable and natural-looking materials to look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Whether you broke a tooth, lost a tooth, or need a full set of dentures, we would love to help you get your smile back.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Discover Your True Potential

If you’re hiding or embarrassed by your smile, it can really take a toll on your self-esteem, which dramatically impacts your mental health and overall quality of life. Thankfully, we live in a time when improving your smile is easier and more accessible than ever.

We’re happy to offer many cosmetic services to suit your needs. Whether you need a quick fix to even things out, a whitening treatment to bring back your youthful glow, or a complete smile redesign, we would be honored to help you on your journey to becoming your best self.

Why wait? Take the first step today!

Oral Surgery for All Your Dental
Needs Under One Roof

We understand the many barriers that prevent people from seeking the care they need. We know it can be difficult just to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. That’s why we work hard to make quality care simpler by providing oral surgery procedures from the comfort of your dental home.

We want you to know you’re in the most skilled and compassionate hands with Dr. April Davis and our outstanding team. We’ll walk you through every detail of your procedure before getting started and give you specific post-op instructions to follow to ensure your quickest and most comfortable recovery.

Sleep Apnea Solutions for Restful Nights & Healthy Tomorrows

Snoring may seem like a trivial problem at first, but it’s actually one of the leading signs of a much bigger problem—sleep apnea. The gold standard for sleep apnea treatment is still a CPAP machine, but many people find sleeping with a mask on intolerable.

Thankfully, there is another solution with oral appliance therapy. Oral appliance therapy uses a custom device, worn like a nightguard while you sleep. The device gently shifts the lower jaw forward, keeping your airway open and allowing you to breathe easily throughout the night. What a relief!

80% of moderate to severe sleep apnea cases are undiagnosed. You could be suffering from sleep apnea and not even know it.

Learn More About Sleep Apnea

Emergency Care for
Life’s Little Accidents

Dental injuries can be traumatic because your mouth is a sensitive area of the body and tends to bleed profusely—so when saliva mixes with blood, it may look a lot worse than it actually is. If you or a loved one is suffering from a severe toothache or oral injury, you should call us right away.

We leave room in our schedule every day to accommodate emergency appointments. Oral injuries are highly time-sensitive, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Acting quickly might just save your smile!

Is this an emergency? What should I do?

First, try to remain calm. Then, refer to this handy Dental Emergency Guide for advice on what to do immediately following the injury. Next, you should give us a call and we will do our best to see you as quickly as possible.

(567) 200-4045

Technology & Products for
Optimal Dental Experiences

Technology has changed everything in recent years, including the dental experience. Old analog methods are out, and new digital methods are in. (Thank goodness!) Digital technology allows us to detect disease and decay sooner, and to treat oral health problems better than ever.

Our care doesn’t stop when you walk out our doors. Oral health requires your participation, so we stock an array of products for use at home so you can feel confident you’re doing your best for your oral health every day.

Give your family the care they deserve.
Let us show you how great dental care can be!

If you’re looking for a new general or family dentist in the greater Toledo area, look no further than Gracious Smiles Aesthetic General Dentistry. Contact your Waterville dentist, Dr. April Davis, and our team today to join our dental family. We’re happy to provide quality dental care our patients feel grateful for.

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